UX/UI Design


User Experience (UX) encompasses the overall feel and satisfaction a user gains from interacting with a product, website, or service. It focuses on ease of use, efficiency, and emotional resonance, aiming to optimize the user's journey.

User Interface (UI) pertains to the specific design elements users interact with, including buttons, icons, and visual layout. It aims to facilitate intuitive navigation and clear communication, ensuring users can easily understand and engage with the digital interface.

To create your project, we will utilize the following technologies:

  • Figma - A collaborative interface design tool used for prototyping, wireframing, and creating UX/UI designs.
  • Photoshop - Software used to treat raster images color, resolution and effects for interface implementation.
  • Illustrator - Software used to create and/or edit icons for interfaces.
  • CSS - Style language used for individual elements in Figma.
Figma Photoshop Illustrator CSS